Concept Mercedes Benz S-class Coupé: An Outlook On The New Top-of-the-line Model

Usually the top of the Mercedes-Benz product variety is in use by the impressive vehicle. Among the idea S-Class Coupé the company will present a real idea of the next model invention at the (IAA) International Motor Show in Frankfurt: among its stunning look and self-confident style it represents the design philosophy of physical clarity. In the interior among its stunning architecture and really exclusive appointments the four-seater describe the situation of the art of current luxury.

Dr Joachim Schmidt

Dr Joachim Schmidt, Member of the Management Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sales & Marketing says: “The latest S-Class Saloon was received excitedly in the market and completely lives up to its task as a representative of the influence of originality of Mercedes-Benz”. “On the S-Class Coupé as the usual top of our product variety the designer acquires benefit of their extra freedom and thus makes an automotive masterpiece”.


Vice President Design at Daimler AG

Vice President Design at Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener, adds: “The idea S Class Coupé joins emotion and tradition, and is a sign for the embodiment of our design style of sensual clearness. The ideal design with self-possessed style and the extremely special appointments craft the coupé a correct design icon and an expression of recent luxury“.

Design: sensual clarity at its most beguiling

Sensual transparency as and expression of recent luxury, this was the designer’s focus, and is the design idea of Mercedes-Benz. The plan is to make smooth surface and clear outline that stage ultra-modern while showing emotional appeal. The sensual clarity is replicate in the core design value of emotion, progressivism, and tradition. These are the guide star, and are highlight in a different way depends on the model. Mercedes-Benz forms a link among the avant-garde and modernity, between progressivism and tradition.


The exterior: flowing profile of perfect proportions

The elegant profile of the idea S-Class Coupé symbolizes sensual clarity in a current method. It is distinguish by usual rear-wheel drive size, which are highlight by the typical signature of Mercedes. The extended bonnet with typical lines and power domes, the cower greenhouse with huge beltline, the emphasize wheel arch and the 21-inch wheels (tyres at rear 295/35 R 21 and at front 265/35 R 21) and the visually wide rear authenticate the claim of the Concept S-Class Coupé as a masterpiece of automotive modification.

The interior: dynamic flow of lines

Sculpt stylishness and ease as well describes the interior. The white tool panel show sensual transparency. Its bent shape is suggestive of a whale fluke just earlier than it again enters the water. Similar to the complete interior it is rule by flowing lines: the lower and upper wave makes a clear structure.

The design of the instrument group is stunning: appreciation to a latest airbag covering the designer were capable of giving the lower part of the instrument panel a much sculpted form. The topmost part of the instrument panel looks to hang sensually at the dashboard front of the as a supposed top-layer.

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