What Makes the BMW i8 Unique?

With the BMW i8 Concept, the leading international auto manufacturer intends to carry forward the legacy of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept. In doing so, the manufacturer aims to set new standards of innovation in the field of sports cars. The BMW i8 is a hybrid car but with a unique feature. The design combines the plug-in feature of the electric car that was used in the BMW i3 a good while ago with the three cylinder combustion engine. This combination is a dream for any hybrid car manufacturer as it allows the two systems to perform to their maximum without interfering with the performance of the other.



The BMW i8 can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour in less than five seconds, which gives it one of the fastest accelerations in its category. In addition, the BMW i8 also has excellent fuel consumption. In fact, compared with other combustion engine cars of similar capabilities, the BMW i8 demonstrates better fuel efficiency than any other car in its category. The fuel consumption is approximately 104 mpg. When running on pure electric power without any support from the combustion engine, the BMW i8 can cover a distance of up to 20 miles.

Seating and Balance

In terms of capacity, the BMW i8 can seat four people quite comfortably. At the same time, the BMW i8 maintains its sports car feel quite evidently. It is an exciting car to drive and is comfortable at the same time. The battery has been placed in the energy tunnel that links the front and rear energy sources. This has the effect of lowering the centre of gravity of the BMW i8, which enhances performance while giving the car greater stability as it turns round bends and accelerates.


The BMW i8 is a revolutionary idea when it comes to the performance of electric cars. In many ways, the BMW i8 is a significant development in the electric hybrid car category. The design of the car has also been made with good aesthetic sense. The car has a dynamic appearance which enhances its appeal as a sports car. The car has an interesting side view that gives is a streamlined appearance. The unique wedge shape created when the doors swing upwards lends an energetic and sporty feel to the car. Similarly, in the front end, the LED headlights and the imposing grill make the car look dynamic and classy on the road.

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