Should You Buy a Convertible?

Despite the fact that convertibles are not always the most practical cars, or the least expensive either, there is no vehicle type that can beat this one in the Summer. But is being able to drive with the sensation of wind in your hair and the sun’s warmth on your skin for one season a year enough to make buying a convertible worthwhile?

Some might argue that convertibles are more attractive than ordinary cars, while others argue that the benefits of the vehicle type are conditional. When it comes to investing in one, it is often an impulse purchase made when the weather is warm, but people don’t always remember to weigh up the options. It is always important to consider which features are most important to you in a car.

It goes without saying that the first time you drive a convertible in the sun, it is pure bliss – you’re driving with the roof down, the wind gently catching your hair as you swiftly drive past others stuck in stuffy cars. Simply rolling the windows down or having the air conditioning on cannot compare to this feeling.

However, on rainy days, there is no point in having the roof down given that, as soon as the rain falls down, the luxurious interior materials would be no longer. Even on good days, a lack of roof can mean a lack of protection. You could get dirt, leaves or even bird poo on the fabric of your vehicle, and although this is not easy to get off a car roof, it is a breeze compared to removing it from fabric seats.

Another downfall is that convertibles are rarely spacious. Cabin space is usually limited, with many convertibles having the capacity to only accommodate a couple of passengers, while boot space is largely taken up by the roof mechanism.

A lot of convertible owners find that the novelty of having an adaptable roof soon wears off and they do not roll down the roof as much as they thought they would. If the disadvantages mentioned above are causing you to reconsider, you could justhire a convertible during the Summer, or on holidays to warm destinations. At least hire one to trial before committing to a purchase that you are not absolutely sure about.

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