Top 3 CNG Conversion Companies in USA That You Should Know About

I know for a fact, that these days CNG conversion has become quite a mystery to solve for many people. And the reason why everyone is after to get, it is due to the rising fuel prices. For people who are more mechanically apt, they would want to do the CNG conversion themselves, which is quite a feasible method. However it is a good practice to, ask a mechanic to do the installation of the CNG kit for you. Apart from this, another thing that you should be worry about is a fuel station. It is good to know that a fuel station is located near your house. This will make your life and the CNG kit installation much easier.


Another thing that I would like to inform the prospectus reader is that, there are several companies present in USA that can help assist with the CNG conversion by selling CNG conversion Kits or by providing vehicles that already have CNG installation done. Now, we will be talking about the top three companies that could help our curious readers regarding CNG kit installation.

The first company I am discussing is, this company offers CNG cylinders as well as bi-fuel CNG/gasoline conversion kits. It is a good idea to get your kits installed by a qualified trained expert or professional. Prices for the cylinders range from $1395 to $3995 and kits range from $995 to $1895.

Denver Metro Area

The next company is Denver Metro Area, I offer alternative fuel conversions for a variety of vehicle makes and models, the installations are available directly at their facility for those in the Denver Metro area.  It is up to you, to choose from CNG, LPG or get a Bi-fuel.

CNG Outfitters

This other company, CNG Outfitters also offers CNG conversion and even does dual fuel conversions (due to this, the vehicle can function both ways, on gasoline and natural gas). The kit price ranges from $1450 and $2200 respectively. For people living in Utah area, they offer specialized installation in 10 hours, with the basic install costing only $1500.

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