What Is the Best Van on the Road?

With so many options available to you right now, finding the right van for your business can be a real headache. Because each individual’s requirements vary, it can be difficult to find a vehicle that suits the needs of the majority of drivers. There are a few real standouts in the market, though. Here are three of the best.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz sprinter comes in a range of different body styles: Cab Chassis, Cargo, Crew, MiniBus, and Passenger. It’s also available in two wheelbases and a variety of different body lengths and roof heights so it should be able to suit most businesses’ requirements. Power ranges from a modest 95bhp up to a 190bhp 3.0-litre V6 CDI diesel offering 35 mpg. This puts the Sprinter among the best in its class and it shouldn’t have any problems providing the necessary power most professionals need.

Volkswagen Crafter

While the Volkswagen Crafter shares its chassis and overall body shape with the stylish Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, unsurprisingly it doesn’t match its premium feel. Despite this, the Crafter is regarded as a comfortable drive, particularly over long journeys. Where it really shines, though, is its hefty GVM which comes in increments of 3 tonnes, 3.5 tonnes, and 5 tonnes. Another way it edges out the Sprinter is through its fuel economy. The 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines, available from 109bhp-163bhp can earn 39.8mpg.

Ford Transit

Last, but not least, is the Ford Transit which has long been the industry leader in its class. It’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down and not only was it the best selling van of last year, but one in every four vans on the road is a Ford Transit. The latest range offers three different power outputs, 99bhp, 123bhp, or 153bhp, each of which uses a 2.2-litre diesel engine. The company claims that the new line of Transits offer a 10% increase in load volume over its predecessor. With a GVM from 2.9 to 4.7 tonnes and a cargo capacity reaching as high as 2.3 tonnes, the latest generation of Transit has enough options to satisfy even the most demanding of tradesmen.

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