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Changing Tyres For Autophobes

Most of our articles here are geared toward people who have an active interest in cars. But what if you’re not so experienced with using a car? Or what if you hate the darn things? We’ll put our differences aside for a moment here. Having a flat tyre and not knowing how to change one

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Car

Being able to drive your own vehicle is one of the most exciting and freeing experiences any person can have. You can travel and go to places you’ve never been before and make transport a lot more convenient. However, everyone knows, buying a car isn’t always easy on the wallet which is why buying a

How To Tell When You Need New Tyres

Tyres are the unsung hero of every car and vehicle. Every time you drive, they take the entire weight of the vehicle and help you get from A to B. But, because they do so much work and are under so much strain, your tyres get tired, worn, and lose their effectiveness. It’s important, then,

Reasons to Make Your Next Car a Ford

Everyone knows about Ford, and everyone knows the Ford logo. There are many reasons why the brand is so popular and so enduring. Here are the reasons why I think your next car should be a Ford. Durability You know that the Ford you buy will do exactly what it’s supposed to. Of course, no