Top 6 Tips For Your First Classic Car Show

If you’ve been into classic cars and tuning for a while, and you feel your baby is finally ready for its first car show, then I’m sure you’re very excited about the prospect! While your first show can be a truly unforgettable experience, if you approach it in the wrong way you’re just going to leave disappointed. Here are my best tips for your first time…



Make it Stand Out – If you want a shot at winning a prize, or you simply don’t want to label yourself as a total amateur, then it’s important to make sure your car stands out. After all, it’s going to be surrounded by countless other cars in the same class or niche! The competition is going to be tough, so don’t neglect a single inch of your car. Get it detailed inside and out, making sure it’s all looking spotless.

Prepare in Advance – As with any kind of event, it’ important to do your research and know what you’re getting into before setting off. Sure, there may be a show nearby which would be a breeze to get your car to, but is it really the best place for it? Classic car shows aren’t one universal constant. There are many different niches which you can choose from, and getting this right will ensure there are more like minded people and that your car stands a better chance of winning anything. Furthermore, looking early will give you more time to organise any work you want done on the car, make sure you get a place, and can organise services like covered car transport if you’re a serious collector.



Don’t Roll Down Your Windows – This is closely linked to my first point. In car show competitions, the windows of the car are a part of the judging process, just like everything else. As such, they need to be spotless if you want a chance in hell of winning anything! Even if you’re just there for the fun of it, displaying your car with the windows down is a classic newbie move, and you’re not going to make too many friends by showing off how inexperienced you are!

However, DO Leave the Top Up on Convertibles – Just like winding your windows down on a standard model, displaying a convertible with the top down will instantly label you as a new guy!

Don’t “Help” the Judges – You don’t need to guide the judges from part to part on your car, and point out the places where you’ve invested the most money. They have eyes, and this almost certainly isn’t the first time they’ve been a judge at a car show. If they have any questions, then they’ll be sure to ask you!

Turn Up Early – This is good advice for anyone attending a car show, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. By turning up long before the judges start doing their rounds, you’ll be sure to get a better choice of parking, and will also have time for one last detail!

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