The Range Rover Sport

Land Rover is home to some of the best cars on the market. They have done something that very few car manufacturers manage to do. That is stick to a small range, and excel at it. Land Rover have a history of producing wonderful off-roading vehicles, and they are the best in the world at doing so. The newest Range Rover Sport is no different. In fact, it’s an enormous leap forward for the company. Despite Land Rover’s reputation and prowess off-road, the Range Rover proves the company’s worth in the luxury market too. We got our hands on the coveted Range Rover Sport to find out what the fuss was all about.



Rivals – Before we get stuck into the details, let’s take a look at what the Range Rover Sport is up against. It sits in the luxury end of the family SUV market. The most immediate competitor is the Porsche Cayenne. No-one saw this coming, and critics were quick to dismiss the idea of Porsche building a 4×4. Ultimately, they created a monster, and it’s a tough rival to beat. Luxurious, beautiful, and it holds its own off road. Land Rover also has to contend with the impressive Audi Q7 which is a masterful feat of engineering.

Style – The first thing you notice is the Range Rover Sport’s style. It’s a touch smaller than it’s big brother, the Range Rover. And that gives it a slightly sleeker and more stylish aesthetic. You lose a little practicality for this sporty look, but it’s a price worth paying if you ask us. It’s not always easy to make a large, chunky off roader look slender and beautiful. But, somehow, Land Rover have pulled it off. Inside, it’s a delight. The luxurious leather trim is elegant and comfortable.

Drivability – Of course, style is nothing without fantastic drivability. How does the Range Rover Sport perform out on the road? Well, the good news is that there’s a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 under the bonnet. There are other engine options too; you can view the full range at Despite its size, its tears up the road like a sports car, and it will hit 60mph in less than five seconds. When it comes to sheer thrills and excitement, only the Cayenne has it beat. (But, who would bet against the Porsche here?) The Range Rover Sport, however, comes out on top in terms of ride comfort.

Off-roading – I’m sure you’re all keen to know how it performs off-road. After all, isn’t that the ultimate test for Land Rover? Well, you needn’t have worried. Land Rover have poured all its years of experience into the new model. You’ll barely feel a bump, and it will climb hills like a beast. It also has a ton of space for packing heavy on those outdoor trips.

Cost-of-running – Unfortunately, this is where we find the Range Rover Sport’s achilles heel. We only managed a tepid 22mpg while out on the road, and other owners are reporting similar things. But, let’s be frank, if you’re spending £60k+ on a car, you’re probably not bothered.

All in all, the Range Rover Sport is right at the top of the class. It’s the best car that Land Rover have ever built, and it trounces the competition.

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