Louis Vuitton and BMW Team Up for Tailor-Made Luggage for BMW i8

Car makers today are focusing on how they can provide overall better car driving experience rather than just focusing on the performance and specifications. BMW has now teamed up with Louis Vuitton that will create an exceptional range of luggage for BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. BMW claims that this is a better way to offer their consumers with better overall experience when they buy the new BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. The new collection will include two travel bags, a business case and a garment bag. To make the best use of the space all luggage items have been tailor made to fit the interior of BMW i8.


The new Louis Vuitton bags are available in carbon-black color that matches perfectly with the color of the new BMW i8. To make it sophisticated it comes with unmistakable chequered Damier pattern which is the hallmark of Louis Vuitton. It also has a laser etched Louis Vuitton signature. The microfiber lining has the combination of black and blue which is derived from BMW i8. All bags in the collection come with leather name tags and iconic Louis Vuitton padlock.

Like BMW i8 all the items in the collection are made from carbon fiber. These bags are extremely lightweight, but they are made from sturdy materials that are usually used in Louis Vuitton textile. All the items in the collection are designed specifically for BMW i8 and therefore they fit the interiors of the car very well. The Weekender GM i8 comes with both hand and shoulder straps and is designed to fit the boot while Garment Bag i8 is a perfect fit for the rear shelf. The Business Case i8 can accommodate all business related items like laptops and other devices while Weekender PM i8 is easy and simple to carry around anywhere in the car.

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