Forget What You Thought Because Skoda’s Are Cool



As humans, we all share a few common views. Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi. Politicians are idiots. And Skoda cars are anything but cool. Well, it’s time to re-think your opinion on the latter. Yes, I said it: Skoda is a pretty cool manufacturer.

For over a century, the Czech manufacturer has been somewhat maligned with a bad reputation. But Skoda producing bad cars is one of those misconceptions that has prevented millions of drivers from finding their dream motor. The madness has to stop now because, for what it achieves, the current fleet is one of the best on the market.

Here’s why Skoda should be back on your shortlist when the time comes to make your next automotive upgrade.


I know, it’s not the most exciting factor to consider when buying a new car. However, practicality is undoubtedly one of the most important elements. The Skoda range provides it with far greater authority than most of its direct competitors.

Whether it’s the Citigo or Rapid Spaceback, Skoda cars are perfect for modern family life. They’re safe, as can be seen at They’re also reliable and boast the necessary room to ensure a comfortable drive for passengers. Of course, you still need a car that offers enjoyment in terms of performance. However, knowing that the vehicle is practical will work wonders.

While you don’t want to think about repair jobs, knowing that replacement parts are easily sourced is another benefit. Not least because they are affordable.


Take the Skoda badge away, and most people would agree that most of the manufacturer’s recent releases look pretty awesome. Some drivers may let perceptions stop them from completing the purchase. Don’t be one of them. If anything, having the green bird emblem on your vehicle adds to the attraction.



Every driver wants a car that looks great on the driveway. In addition to boasting great bodywork, though, you need it to stand out from the crowd. After all, driving the same car as every Tom, Dick, and Harry makes yours feels less special. While Skoda has grown in reputation, it still only takes up 4% of the market share in Europe. As such, you can drive any model safe in the knowledge that yours will stand out from the sea of Renault Clios and Ford Fiestas.

Those emotional elements play a huge role in your enjoyment behind the wheel. Do not underestimate it for a second.


Once upon a time, you could argue that Skoda’s performance wasn’t up to scratch. But it has been over 25 years since the Czech manufacturer joined the VW family. Ever since then, their cars have been near faultless in those aspects.

Take the Skoda Octavia as an example. The family car isn’t going to provide thrill seeking the energetic ride they dream of. But it offers a reliable, smooth ride that’s perfect for city drives and long motorway distances alike. They might not boast the style of comparable Audis or Volkswagens. However, they are far from embarrassed by the German giants either. Let’s face it; the growing reputation of Skoda is happening for a reason.



If the driving performance is better than an inexperienced Skoda driver expects, then the interior will blow you away. Are they the most advanced cabins? No. But they offer all the tech features you’d expect and, above all else, are extremely comfortable to drive.


It’s hard to think about any car purchase without thinking about price. Buying a vehicle is a major life decision, and you need t get value for money. In today’s market, you will not find many better options than Skoda.

Despite boasting relatively similar performances to respectable VW engines, Skodas are often far cheaper. In fact, you can often buy a high-spec Skoda for the same price as low-spec comparable models from other manufacturers. Experienced dealers at can discuss your needs to find the perfect model. Whether it’s a new or used vehicle, you won’t go wrong with a Skoda.

Not only will you have a car that you can take pride in. But you’ll have additional cash to enjoy other life aspects to the fullest. If that’s not an added piece of motivation, I don’t know what is.


Skoda has endured a tarnished reputation for decades. But the Czech company has often made light of this fact in recent years through clever marketing. This is because they have supreme confidence in the performance, appearance, and value of their modern products.

You should too!

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