Secure your Car Right Now!

A car is a huge investment, which makes it natural for you to want to protect it against damage or theft. Car security systems offer an affordable and effective way to keep your car secure.

BMW’s Car Security Systems

BMW offers its own car security system called the BMW Assist. It seems to be inspired by the OnStar car security system and can automatically detect a car accident and help connect with a response handler thanks to a GPS enabled tracking system. Like LoJack, the BMW Assist can also connect with police computer systems and aid in recovery of stolen cars. The annual charges for the BMW Assist start from $199.


Another car security system offered by BMW is the X5 Security Plus. Unlike the BMW Assist, this system can also be bought separately for cars made by other manufacturers. It has the added feature of providing a bulletproof body along with sirens and cameras.

OnStar – High-End Systems

OnStar is among the pre-installed security systems that come with your car. Each device is connected to a nationwide digital cellular network. Simply at the touch of a button, users can connect to the network and get 24 hour support. So people who have lost their way can use the support service to get directions. The network also lets the operator know when the car has suffered an accident and help connect to emergency services. One normally has to bear between $200 and $300 a year depending on the service package.


LoJack – More Reliable

A car security system that uses radio tracking instead of a cellular network is LoJack. The LoJack device is a transceiver that is fitted inside the car. The radio technology helps the system to keep track of the car even in areas where GPS signals cannot be received. The system is also connected to the police computer system which enables a stolen or hijacked car to be identified by its unique vehicle identification number and tracked by the police. However, for this service and the 24-hour recover guarantee offered by LoJack, one can expect to pay at least $695.



A less fancy and more affordable car security system is CarShield. It offers features similar to the more high-end OnStar and BMW Assist. It is also powered by cellular technology and can be used with older cars dating to 1996. Common features include monitoring car battery performance and oil pressure, vehicle tracking via GPS and vehicle status updates.


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