Petrol or Diesel- Which is Cheaper?

People who are planning to buy a car whether new or used are confused whether they should buy a petrol vehicle or a diesel. For most of the buyers the reason behind their confusion is costly and so they want to buy the one cost them low with impressive performance. Well, if you want to opt for the cheaper option between petrol and diesel for a long run, no doubt diesel can be a good option.

Diesel not only offers you an impressive fuel economy but at the same time saves you from paying high car tax. However, it doesn’t mean that diesel is a cheaper choice all around the globe because there are some region where petrol is cheaper than diesel and so people always recommend petrol vehicles to cope with daily running costs. For example in UK diesel cost you up to £2000 more than the prices of petrol.


When it comes to choosing a cheaper option between diesel and petrol, one must consider a few factors to make a right selection.

Fuel Prices

Check the current and previous prices of fuels in the region where you are living. This will help you in understanding that in your region which fuel is cheaper as well as the previous prices records of fuels will help you in understanding the trends of increasing prices. In some regions, petrol is cheaper while in some other region diesel is cheaper whereas in some regions the prices of both types of fuels are highly fluctuating that makes your decision hard and so you have to consider some other factors.

Car tax

In the comparison with petrol, Diesel saves you from paying high car taxes as diesel cars are more efficient and economical and so comes with low CO2 emission and we know that the car taxes varies with the emission of CO2. The lower the CO2 emission the lower will be the car tax.

Prices of cars and your budget

Another very important factor that one should consider is the prices of cars and your determined budget. Usually diesel cars are expansive in the comparison with petrol cars because of its affordable running costs and high fuel economy. If you have enough money in hand so it is better to opt for diesel car or vice versa.


In the context of fuel economy, it is better to opt for diesel cars as it gives you a notable fuel saving difference for a particular mileage.

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