Nissan Friend-Me Concept Review

In the year 2013, Shanghai auto show Nissan revealed its latest model car mentioned as “Friend-ME”. Actually, it is a joint attempt of the Global Design Center by Nissan and Design China center by Nissan to magnetize the males of age 20 and somewhat which are born in 1980 underneath “One Child Policy”.

Why to buy Nissan Friend-Me?

The concept of Nissan Friend-Me is based on future car which we may apart from in the future. The idea is impressive and cool on the other hand, it holds one more era to strike the floor. When anyone wants to design a latest car for youth it wishes a lot of design and styling features to magnetize this class as teenagers usually favor to have a unique, stylish and creative piece even in cars.


Exceptional Characteristics

The car, Nissan Friend Me possesses a quiet charming and sexier design to the exterior. Although, still it is an idea however we are certain that Nissan will compose the production story as elegant and sexy as the version idea is. The end on font side is harmonized with an bold elegant and elegant “V-shaped” framework, on the outer there are side bigger ridges, a thin scrape to the windshield for free flow of air above the car, rebound style headlamps, imaginary mirrors for side view, rebound back lights, incorporated tailpipes, strip of chrome on the back base and the car appears such as a emerge from the planes.


The inner of the car is design in a way to fulfill the expectation from a super modern car of future. The log cabin is appearing like an item that we immediately ripped from a future supported high technology movie. lots of us contain a hope for a innovative engine in the car, Nissan Friend-Me idea though, the genuine point is a somewhat unsatisfactory as the idea will utilize a modest level engine of 2.0 liter as Nissan quoted it as “Modest 2.0 liter” which works well. It is not possible to get any obvious design from presently modest 2.0 liter and therefore it is predictable the engine will be able to convey regarding 150 horsepower.


Technical Features

The car will contain seating arrangements of 2+2 and both rear and front are container seats, the black and white colors cabin looks calm at an initial glance however after few time becomes somewhat roller blinding, sparkling center console as well as a display of touch-screen controls is also available and everybody sitting in the vehicle can simply navigation access, fuel, speed and other infotainment whilst meeting in their own place. Although, the car named as the “Friend-Me” however it has no link with the sites of social media though, the people in the car contain a capability to insert their personal options to the Music player devoid of looking for the person who is driving.

The Concept of Nissan Friend-Me is found to strike the dealership someplace in the 2030 and consequently it is not feasible to obtain a competition or price quote details for this type of model that is yet not place on the manufacturing.

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