How Do I Increase Fuel Economy In Cars?

Fuel efficient cars are well-demanded in the market, but you might have a brilliant car with a lower fuel economy. You would not like to change in definitely with a fuel efficient car. So in this car what you could do is to increase your car’s fuel economy. Some of the tips are given here for you to follow as see the charismatic results:-


Remember that most of the times our cars using more fuel because they are not well-tuned up. We ignore to maintain them as hence it directly affects their performance. For instance, a spark plug in and a dirty air filter reduces its efficiency up to 20 percent.


Go on Well-planned tours

If your tour is not well-planned and you are stopping everywhere and you have begun taking a trip without making sure that your car is in good “moods”, then get ready for a more fuel consumption.
Many of us are habitual of going time and again to the market, dry cleaner, and child’s school or activity club in one day. Try to schedule your trips in such a way that your car is driven less.

Bogus Gas-savers

There are many products introduced in the market that are tagged as “gas-saving” but in fact, they are not. Or the safety rate is very small. There are cheap logarithms used in them to bluff drivers; you must be conscious about them. Do not rely on fake slogans; most gas-saving products are bogus, according to the American Federal Trade Commission.

No Over-loading

One of the main reasons of increase gas consumption is that your car is carrying a burden, or it is over-loaded. It hurdles the gas mileage too (1-2 percent), so take out all the extra loads out of your car.

Balanced Tires

25 percent of your fuel economy decreases when you have underinflated tires. They are harmful even being gas consumers; just keep them inflated and watch the difference.


Most of us love to speed up our automobiles but did you know it is one of the reasons of your vehicle’s lower fuel economy. Go slower rather.

Your engine has to work more when you speed up. Although air resistance is not the real reason of a low gas mileage but there are other factors that reduce it at about 55 mph.

Get A Low-down Of Gas Prices

Find and keep gasoline prices in mind too for a getting fuel at a reasonable and lower rate. And try to join a wholesale gas club. It is relatively cheaper and help you getting fuel at the best rate.

Fill Half Or About One Quarter Of Fuel Pump

10 gallons of gas is about 60 pounds in weight; so whenever, your fuel is low, pressurize your gas pump. Fill halfway of gas and do not fill it up fully. Fully fueling your car could also reduce efficiency.

Cruise Control

Cruise control also plays an important role in increasing your car’s efficiency. It is best to keep your fuel economy at a low rate. Use it to maintain a constant speed & hence get a good gas mileage as a result.

Shun Brake practice

Braking and then accelerating again hinders your motor’s fuel efficiency. When you apply a brake and then accelerate your car again, it reduces its gas mileage. Therefore, drive carefully in cities or towns and look for signals ahead too. try to avoid using brakes frequently in the favor of a better fuel economy.

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