Why A Honda Should Be Your Next Car



If you are looking for a reliable car that will cost you less in repairs and get you the most value on resale, then a Honda is your best bet. The Japanese automobile manufacturers have picked up the title of the U.K.’s most reliable car maker for the ninth year running. Want to know why you should buy a Honda? Let’s take a closer look.

The research

The research to find out Britain’s most reliable car takes place every year and is carried out by What Car? and Warranty Direct. They look into the data they receive from over 50,000 vehicles. Invariably, Japanese cars lead the way, although Fiat, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Skoda and Ford also make the top ten.

Low failure rate

In years gone by, German cars led the way in failure rates, but things have changed in recent times. Any driver buying a car should investigate engine failure rates because they are the most expensive to fix. Honda is well in front for this statistic, with only one in almost 350 of their engines failing. The engine is the beating heart of any vehicle, and if it stops working it can cost a fortune to repair. By reducing your risk here, you could be saving thousands of pounds over the lifetime of your ownership.

Cost to fix

Things will inevitably go wrong with a car, so when they do, you want to keep costs to a minimum. The average car owner can expect to spend to pay, on average, around £600 per year on maintenance and minor repairs. Of course, this greatly depends on what sort of car you have. However, because Honda parts tend to be cheaper and easier to get hold of, you can expect to pay well below this figure. Quite simply, they are one of the cheapest cars to run.

Cheaper Insurance

Because Honda vehicles are renowned for being reliable, this will also be reflected in your car insurance costs. Of course, there are other factors to consider, too, but if you live in a safe area and have a clean license, you can expect to pay far less for your premiums.

Cheaper aftersales

When you buy a new car after sales assistance and servicing are two important things to think about about, according to auto dealers Harratts. Taking out a service plan can help you deal with unexpected surprises and accidents, which, unfortunately, happen a lot. With a more reliable car, you can expect to pay less over the lifetime of your ownership.


Everybody who buys a car should think about depreciation. The second you buy a brand new car, its value decreases rapidly and, after about twelve months, you could have lost up to 40% of what you paid. Reliable cars hold their value for much longer, and will reduce this depreciation cost. So, whether you buy a brand new Honda o a new one, you can be safe in the knowledge you will get a good resale price when you sell it on.

Thanks for reading – we hope this has given you some tips on buying your next car. Although Hondas aren’t the most glamorous name in the world, they are certainly the most reliable. And, whatever you use your car for, that will mean fewer costs involved over your vehicle’s lifespan.

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