Four of the Best Small Cars On The Road Today


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We love fast supercars as much as the next petrolhead! But sometimes, our readers are looking for some more practical and usable car advice. As much as we love to drool over the new Ferrari, we also really care about the smaller cars. And that’s what we’re looking at in this post. We’ve rounded up all the best run-arounds on the market right now. They’re affordable, practical, and – best of all – fun! Because, isn’t that the essence of a great small car? Exciting, nippy, and fun to drive. In no particular order, here are four of the best.

Fiat 500

Remaking a classic is always a tricky business, yet the Fiat 500 is a fantastic success story. The iconic Italian design has been given a 21st century facelift and an engine overhaul. The result is a spritely, good-looking car that is far more stylish than its rivals. The statistics also score highly with excellent fuel consumption. There’s more than enough speed and acceleration off the line to satisfy the racers out there too. The guys at Thames Motor Group tell us it’s one of their best-sellers, and we can see why.

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is the most common car on the road. Ford shift more units of the Fiesta than any other car in the country. In fact, they have done so every year for the last decade. That’s no reason to ignore the Fiesta, however. Sometimes, following the crowd is exactly the right thing to do! The Fiesta is a masterpiece in small car engineering. It’s perfectly designed and balanced. It’s safe and practical. But best of all, it’s like a little rocket! Fast, and enormously fun to drive.

Mazda 2

The Mazda is one of the more expensive cars on the list, but there’s a good reason. Mazda are, quite simply, one of our favourite car manufacturers. Their iconic MX5 is one of the best cars on the planet. The little roadster is regularly crowned the most ‘fun’ car ever built. The engineers at Mazda have carefully injected that element of fun into their entire range. Including the practical Mazda 2. It’s a hatchback, so it’s perfect for the small family, but it’s got the heart of a lion.

Hyundai i10

At the other end of the scale, we find the Hyundai i10. It’s much smaller than the other cars on the list, but don’t discount it just yet. It’s designed perfectly for inner-city driving. If you live and work in an urban area, you won’t find a better car for the job. It quickly nips down one way streets, and it will squeeze into the smallest parking spaces. Despite its size, it feels safe, secure, and almost powerful to boot. It will even hold its own out on the motorway without giving you a small fright! There’s quite a range of microcars on the market. But, if you want our advice, stick with the Hyundai i10.

That’s all for now, readers. What’s your favourite small car on the road today?

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