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2014 Acura RLX – Review

The external look and orientation of 2014 Acura RLX is that of a luxury sedan. The car has a small yet modest looks to offer, with perfect finishing in tones which are muted.  The luxuriously oriented sedan is in perfect synchrony with the current tech savvy standards. Comparison to the prior models As far as

The 10 Best Dirt Bikes of the Last Decade

10. The Yamaha YZ450F This is one of the best and most popular Yamaha four-strokes that came out in the previous decade. Whereas the 250cc models offered great bottom-end power, the Yamaha YZ450F offered a lot of top-end power to the rider. This feature helped to offset the problem of low torque that was raised

The Top 10 Cars for Teenagers

10. The Scion xB The Scion xB is a unique model that has become quite popular after its recent revival among teenagers looking for an unusual experience. The Scion xB comes in manual as well as automatic versions, giving the teenagers the opportunity to select the version that matches their skill level and preferences. The

Canada International Auto Show – The CIAS 2013

The 2013 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) is an important show because this year the CIAS marks its 40th year. Over the course of four decades, the CIAS has grown to become the largest auto show in Canada. This year, the landmark event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where an impressive