2014 Nissan Murano Crosscabriolet – Review

2014 Nissan Murano Crosscabriolet is the only crossover convertible available in the market with unconventional customary outlook. It is a car that could be taken as an oddball product meant for movies or fictional use only. It appeals everyone for having more than one outstanding attributes.

As a SUV, it is a potent all-wheel drive while as a convertible it offers year-round performance, even in the places where ragtops are used as compensation to car.

Latest Murano Crosscabriolet Particulars

2014 Murano model has some changes done like two-seated rear refreshed wheel-design, and power-folding soft top and many more. Its cabin is redefined with expensive materials, for instance best-leathered clothing and attractive wood trim. It has maintained standard by adding without key ignition, double-zone climatic control that works automatically.
While there are some drawbacks as well like Murano Crosscabriolet has too long doors which are not suitable for tight-parking lots.  It is ungainly too for sportsmen, buying it as a full-time sporty.


Murano’s Price Issue

Murano’s price range is also a problem as it is more costly than contemporaries; Chrysler 200 and Audi A5 are two evidences along with many other SUVs. In a nutshell, this mash-up of crossover and convertible by Nissan does not have something extra-ordinary to show, although being gorgeous for the onlookers.

Exterior, Trim-Level of Nissan Murano

2014 Cabriolet is a normal-sized four-passenger convertible. Its trim level has many standard features such as alloy wheels of 20 inches, outside mirrors (heated), xenon and fog-lights, powered folding soft-top, seats of leather, dual-zone climatic control (automatic), memory settings for power driving seat, cruise control, entry without key, front heated-seats, auto-dim back-view mirror, Bluetooth connectivity, 7-speaker Bose audio plus CD player, back-view camera, USB and iPod connectivity with satellite radio.

While its navigation package is brief and involves Bluetooth streaming audio, real-time traffic and a navigation system which is voice-conducted & leather upholstery.

Fuel Efficiency and Engine Power

The 2014 crossover cum convertible by Nissan has 3.5 liter V6 which is able to produce 256 horsepower plus torque of 248 pound-feet. It is energetic and comfy too despite having some handling issues. Its heavy-body has made it less efficient to take turns than other vehicles of its like. This drop-top SUV is a good ride though for leisure trips.
This all-wheel drive has performance better than the regular Munaro and it goes to 60mph in 8.2 sec. its fuel efficiency is 19 combined ( 17 mpg city/22 highway). This vehicle has some attitude here and demands superior fuel than its regular car.

Security Features

As well as safety is concerned, Nissan’s new Munaro  enjoys standard anti-lock disc brakes, stability control plus traction, front-seat air bags, vigilant head restraints and curtain airbags on doors. It has roll-bars aside from back seats that get activated automatically to prevent from accidents.

Internal Characteristics

The latest drop-top Crosscabriolet wins race here for many reasons: it owns spacious cabin, supportive driving seats, vast room from head and legs so that driver of any age or stature could fit in. it has lowered windows designed to get in easily, though its doors are a bit problematic.

Like all entry-level lavish autos, it has some elegant features added for a high-end sensation. Its soft top is a good helper to keep all the unwanted noises at distance. So at the end, it is a good al fresco luxury than a practice motor.

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