2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Easily Outdone by the Subaru Impreza WRX


Mitsubishi is a well-known auto manufacturer company of Japan. It has high reputation in the outside world as well, especially in the United States. Expectations from this company were even higher in the USA some years ago. It was akin to the celebrated car-makers Chrysler, by then. They had a bright lineup of budget carriages, sports cars, SUVs, weapons and wispy pickups.


The alliance chapter bolted because of the international crisis of finance and it directly affected the already destabilized Mitsubishi. Their partition necessitated a takeover of about half of the mutual assemblage plant, here in Illinois. Hence, a high-profile scandal about defects non-reporting occurs. Furthermore, dumb marketing campaigns about selling or buying vehicles at zero profits even blew the company up.

With the passage of time, Mitsubishi begin to revive, thanks to its Lancer Evolution model which is the most high-priced car in its entire lineup. It is a racing Rally turbocharged weapon that contends with Subaru Impreza WRX/STI trims. The duo is a racing plus sales competitor since Evo’s first release. However, Mitsubishi packed up its rally membership back in 2005, making Subaru, the Global Rally Champion in 2012.

Features of Lancer EVO

2013 Evolution gets a 2.0 Liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that churns out 291 BPH and torque of 300 pounds feet. It enjoys a double-clutch system, automatic transmission, paddle shift which empowers all the wheels via the best ever AWD arrangement of its class.

Economy and Luxury

It is a fact though, that Evolution is an economical ride that has nothing extra-ordinary inside to boast for. The outer visibility is at stake while driving Evolution which is a major drawback. Experts say that its price tag that is about $35,000 does not match the specifications it offers.

It is an unyielding carriage with unsophisticated rigid seats that wear you out within an hour or two. It is like an “econobox” vehicle whose engine hums a lot with a background spooling (sound). Its engine is deficient in power which is why its performance is not as noble as the models of its class like the Impreza WRX.
With insufficient fuel efficiency and reliability scores it repels many customers from across the world.

Subaru WRX

To compare it with Subaru WRX, we would say that both cars share similar features; however, Impreza is at advantage for some valid reasons such as it makes 305 BHP, it is sexier and serviceable anywhere in the country and it has a greater resale value.


Subaru Impreza is vast from inside, restful and practical. It has unruffled handling, balanced steering and responsive braking system. Lancer Evolution was lacking these central characteristics.

Likewise, Impreza wins the race for having a soporific cabin, relaxing back plus front seats and plenty of cargo slots.
Mitsubishi must carry on; otherwise, it is Evolution that we shall miss the most.

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