2013 Ford Escape – Review

Ford automotive company is the biggest company in automotive industry producing high quality and best in design vehicles.


2013 Ford Escape comes up with plenty of renovation, and stands out as one of the most compactly designed sports utility vehicle. It is small enough for easy handling but at the same time spacious enough for accommodating as many as five passengers. Apart from being equipped internally and externally with tech savvy features, the wavy crossover is easy to use, maneuver and travel with. The exterior has an athletic look to offer, while the interior looks well spruced up.


Engine performance

  • There are two engine varieties to avail of. While one happens to be of the normal base engine; there is another Ecoboost variety to avail of. The latter variety is optional and ensures better power as well as fuel efficiency that former.
  • The latter or the turbocharged engine of 2.0 liter ensures 240 HP, with the torque measurement coming to 170lb. With another turbocharged Ecoboost variation of 1.6 liter; you can avail of horsepower to the measurement of 178. The similar engine generates 184 of torque.
  • The FWD models are equipped with powerful base engines. The engine of 2.5 liter ensures 168 Horsepower and torque to the limit of 184 lb. However for the reasons of efficiency, it is always better going in for the turbocharged engine.

Pros and cons

  • It is comfortable to use and handle, the size is neither too big nor too small and hence convenient as a family oriented option
  • You are ensured of fuel economy, and even with the FWD model, you get to avail fuel economy in significant quantum
  • With respect to its safety quotient and infotainment system, the car excels as much as its competitors. The top class features of safety make the car extremely lucrative in terms of extended use and reliability.
  • The only loophole lies in the uninspiring nature of its base engine.

Other Specifications and features

  • Liftgate which motion activated
  • Assistance for rear parking
  • Provision for examining blind spots
  • Provision with traffic alert
  • Equipped with mechanism against rolling over
  • All the four models of the mentioned type are equipped with automatic select transmission of six speeds
  • The car’s interior is equipped with top class features of Ford technology
  • There are options for trailer towing
  • Availability of a high tech system of navigation is another aspect of improvisation
  • Availability of disc brakes and provision for tabbing tire pressure includes the bracket of specification, as well.
  • There are four different models to come by, and the weight is found varying between 4,620lbs-4,760lbs


Improvisation upon the previous model

According to the critics and users, the car happens to be one of the most sought after illustrations of the new generation technology. Instead of the model which resembles a box; you have one with a curvy look.
The cabin becomes more spacious than its previous counterparts and has a classy feel to throw

Safety specifications

  • As you have already seen, that the car excels in its use and application of the parameters of safety, it will be interesting glimpsing into its safety applications
  • Device for disabling ignition, and thus if the proper key for ignition is not used, it will not get off to a start
    Seatbelts are equipped with tighteners, and in the wake of a collision the belts are supposed to tighten up automatically
  • There are three different airbags to avail of, one to take care of front impact; while the others are meant for looking after overhead and side impacts
  • Stability control and provision for anti-locking are the other important features of safety

Price of the vehicle

The price is found varying between 22,370 and 32,120 US Dollars

Some of the rivals

  1. Honda CRV
  2. Chevrolet Equinox
  3. Mazda CX-5
  4. Subaru Forester of 2013
  5. Toyota RAV4
  • But when compared to the mentioned options; the Ford Escape outshines the rest in offing. In comparison to twenty-one similar sports utility vehicle, the Ford has attained the first position.
  • The rating system as devised by auto publishers has taken into account several parameters, and these include the parameters of safety, affordability and reliability. Seating conditions and interior trims are some of the other aspects of the evaluating parameters.
  • Test drives have also been taken into account, and the car managed to attain the topmost raking only after being evaluated on the basis of these conditions.

Reviewer, automotive experts as well as the users feel that it is one of the better and more practical options when compared to similar types of crossovers.

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